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There has to be a better way.

Buddypilots was born of the belief that it was time to create a new system for managing private and commercial flight, building on the time-honored devices and practices that have served the aviation industry to date, but delivering them in a modern, customer-centric way.

We set out to create a set of global aviation tools that would integrate all partners in General Aviation, from the flight schools and flying clubs to the pilots, mechanics and other aviation enthusiasts.

Not ready yet...

We committed to launching Buddypilots only when it performed as conceived, smoothly and safely, for all customers. Not only is Buddypilots custom designed for 6 different user groups within General Aviation, but it has integrated the key tools of those groups into an efficient, easy-to-use, shared online experience.

Although the lead-up to taking flight was longer than planned, Buddypilots has evolved into the most comprehensive and innovative flight system for General Aviation. We think it will take flying to new heights.

Meet our team

We came together in Montreal, with skills and talents we honed around the world. Our passion for flying drove us to create Buddypilots, to revolutionize the General Aviation experience and share it with people around the globe.

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    As the engine driving Buddypilots, André relies on 3 key skills to guarantee success: vision, to propel & see all that Buddypilots can be, passion to fuel innovation and creativity, and tenacity to work through the process and get the job done. André built his skills as an executive Entrepreneur & Senior Production Manager, developing software solutions with teams located around the world in renowned teams such as PasswordBox, Tata Communications and Teleglobe Canada. He believes that innovative Web applications hold the key to transforming General Aviation into a strong growth industry.

    When André is not working, he loves to share his passion of flying with friends and family aboard his plane, being in nature, enjoy a good campfire with a sky full of stars and play a little music in good company.

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    Sébastien MalherbeCCO & PRODUCT DIRECTOR

    Sebastien is an entrepreneurial executive with over a decade of design and product management experience. He guides the look and feel of Buddypilots to make the user experience as cool as it can be.

    Sébastien is the creative force behind the brand (the #1 video site in Europe), and Product Director of the popular and renowned PasswordBox application. His design style is clean, modern and engaging, yielding creative that works and delivers results. When he’s not making the Web sing, he's usually hanging out with his wife and daughter or making music.

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    Thibaut is a dynamic entrepreneur with a passion for aviation and for business. His experience with the ins and outs of leisure aviation as a private pilot led him to join Buddypilots, where he shares his passion and vision with his partners for revitalizing General Aviation.

    Thibaut is focused on bringing new opportunities to Buddypilots and delivering value to our customers. His Business Administration studies at HEC Montréal and his work at PasswordBox have honed his business development, management and problem-solving skills, making him a valuable team player. When Thibaut isn’t working or flying, he’s probably eating to fuel all that energy.

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    Daniel MethotCTO

    With more than 20 years in the information technology sector, Daniel brings a wealth of experience and know-how to Buddypilots. He champions excellence: modern IT tools like Buddypilots have to not only be innovative but deliver on security, robustness and performance above all.

    Being a tech guy, he likes just about every IT gadget as long as it delivers as promised. Taking a break from the IT world during week-ends, he likes to drive his 2-wheeled vehicles (mountain bike or racing motorcycle) to visit friends and family. It’s Daniel’s version of flying.

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    Pierre is responsible for product development and general administration; his resourcefulness, adaptability and motivation are a plus factor for our company. His dedication to creating Buddypilots as a comprehensive flight management system for General Aviation stems from his love of flying and his passion for making things work better.

    Pierre has an eclectic mix of skills and experience that make him a key member of the Buddypilots team. His experience as a senior planner for Tata Communications and his customer service work at Unitel Communications have been invaluable in the development of Buddypilots. With an award-winning game called Express Route under his belt and his commitment to community, we’re not sure what Pierre will do next in his spare time.

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    Jonathan GirardCCSO & PILOT

    With a commercial pilot license and his expertise in logistics and procurement using Web platforms, Jonathan is an asset that diversifies & enriches the BuddyPilots team. His experience and knowledge of the Web was critical in bringing Buddypilots to life.

    Jonathan’s work in large, multinational companies brings an international perspective and vision for growth to Buddypilots. Jonathan is enthusiastic about aviation and shares the team’s passion for bringing the winds of change to the world of General Aviation. When he’s not working, he’s most likely up in the air.

Advisory Board

The strength of any company depends on its ability to cover all the bases, filling in the holes with people who know what we don’t. Our Advisory Board complements our skills and members lend their expertise to round out our leadership. We are grateful for their contribution to Buddypilots.

  • Fred Dingemans (Financial Advisor)
  • P. Gélina (President, Dorval Aviation)
  • Brice Bierre (Chief Instructor, Longueuil Airclub)
  • Jean-Louis Ménard (Advisor & Investor)
  • Sylvain L’Abbée (ATPL, Commercial Pilot)
  • M. Girard (Investor)
  • A. Saucier (Investor)
  • Gérald Malherbe (FTO Manager & Chief Pilot,
  • L. Rhéaume (Investor)
  • Azur Hélicoptère Cannes)
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Join the adventure

Buddypilots is the only cloud platform that brings 6 distinctive General Aviation groups together in one superb online experience, sharing modern tools and a passion for flight. We deliver a smooth and efficient service for all users, custom made for each group: FBOs, flight schools & flying clubs; partnerships; pilot owners, pilots, AMOs & mechanics and an international network for connecting people to share flight missions. What are you waiting for? Try it for free!

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